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Some of you have already asked how to best support this effort we so strongly believe in. We are in great need of financial assistance to enable the project to move forward. The cost to give health care and supplies to one person for 6 months to decrease malnutrition and promote good health is about $4.00.  Treating 3,000 people in these 32 communities will cost approximately $16,000.  Funds will be used to purchase 12 months of supplies of micronutrients for the 3,000 people of these communities, Vitamin A (deficiency of this is the leading cause of irreversible and preventable blindness in the world), Moringa tree seeds for sustainable micronutrient access, needed antibiotics and pain medications, as well as for truck and driver rental to bring supplies into the remote villages.

You can donate in three ways:

1.) For the fastest and easiest donation, just click this link and donate by credit card or by using PayPal directly.

2.) For a tax-deductible donation, click this link or send a check made out to “Tree of Life International” with a memo/note of “For The Paraiso Project” to Tree of Life International, PO Box 485, Harleysville, PA 19438.

3.) To donate through our campaign, a free crowdfunding website dedicated to charitable projects, click this link. may ask for an optional donation to help their operating costs. That donation does not go towards our work in the Dominican Republic.

Thank you in advance for all of your generous support — it means the world to us and to the people of these communities that you will be helping.

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